Vinyl Lettering FAQ

What colour background will my lettering have?
The vinyl letters are cut rather than printed, so there is technically no background, the background colour is the colour of the sign you are sticking the letters on. ie; if you order yellow lettering and stick them on to a red board, you will have a red board with yellow lettering. Have a look at the how to apply video which shows black lettering being stuck to a white board. Also see the 'what is vinyl lettering' to see different coloured lettering on different coloured vehicles and sign boards.

How will my vinyl lettering come?
Your lettering will come pre spaced on release paper, so all you have to do is lift it off the silicone release paper and apply to your sign surface in one go.

How long will my order take?
Most orders are despatched the day they are ordered unless the order occurs after 2pm, then the amount of time will be dependent on the delivery service you choose.

Will you send me loads of annoying stuff?
If you select to be sent the news letter, you'll get something sent to you every once in a while, but as we're so busy we tend not to send much stuff out.

Will you give anyone else my details?
No, never, all we will have is your name address and order details to help you. That information stays with us, period.

Do you give discounts?
If you're ordering loads of stuff we can probably do you a discount, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Anything else you'd like to know, email us at and we'll add them to this page if appropriate.

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