We Sell Reflective and Fluorescent vinyl lettering and graphics

for you to create your own signs and apply to your vehicle, window, shop facia, site board etc.

If you want to order vinyl lettering in these finishes now, you can go to our vinyl lettering designer page, just select reflective vinyl or fluorescent vinyl from the vinyl type drop down and you will be given options of all the different grades and colours available.

Use fluorescent vinyl for extra impact with your signs, there are two types, short term and exterior grade, the latter being more expensive as it is a cast vinyl and has an exterior life expectancy of 2 years rather than 6 months. Using either of these films inside you will get a lot longer life from both films.

- 120 Micron Calendered Vinyl
- Permanent Solvent Free Adhesive
- 150gsm Kraft Liner
- Durability: 6 months exterior
- Finishes: Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

picture of fluorescent vinyl film

2 Year Cast Exterior Grade

The Exterior Fluorescent vinyl is suitable for high visibility vehicle conspicuity markings and outdoor safety signs. It features a high grade pigment to provide 2 years exterior durability. There is a Cast vinyl base film and a high gloss finish.

We choose to use the UK manufactured Metamark vinyl for it's high quality and dependability, it offers excellent high visability for signs, safety and emergency vehicles. It is M5000 Series engineering grade reflective and doesn't suffer from the brittleness that many others do after a short amount of time. It is suitable for flat panel applications.

The fluorescent comes in two grades, a promotional grade (120 microns) 6 month durability and an exterior grade (which is a 2 year durable cast vinyl and is 115 microns)

You can learn more about reflective and fluorescent vinyls here at the Metamark official website.

- 115 Micron Cast Vinyl
- Permanent Solvent Free Adhesive
- 150gsm Kraft Liner
- Durability: 2 years exterior
- Finishes: Red, Yellow

Reflective Vinyl

Our reflective vinyl series is a high quality engineering grade reflective material suitable for high visibility vehicle markings and safety signs. It has a 7 year exterior life, and features a robust, PET type film which does not suffer the brittleness or tearing common among other reflective materials. This product is suitable for application on flat panels or simple curves. Not recommended for use on compound curved surfaces or recesses or for screen printing.

- 120 Micron
- Engineering Grade
- 140gsm Layflat PE Kraft
- 7 Years Exterior
- Finishes: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
reflective vinyl on a works vehicle for safety and high visibility

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