What are they and it what circumstances would you want to use them?

With vinyl stencils instead of getting solid vinyl letters you will get a negative. We cut the letters out of a block of self adhesive vinyl, then we remove the letters. So if you were to then apply this vinyl to your sign, the background of the sign board would show through where the letters are (with standard vinyl lettering, we do exactly the same thing, we just remove the block around the letters to leave the material of the solid letters behind).

If you're ticking the stencil box you'll get a negative with see through letters and if you don't you'll get a positive with solid letters. For most instances normal non stencilled letters are appropriate. Below are so examples of normal lettering and stencilled lettering to help you understand more clearly.

Note, a stencil can only be used once, so if you're using it as a painting stencil, when you remove it, the stencil will be fit for the bin.

To order a stencil, please visit the lettering designer page.

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